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 Character Tamplet

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PostSubject: Character Tamplet   Mon Jul 20, 2009 12:55 am

Name: (Although we're not enforcing it, please try and make it a japanese name, but you cant think of any either put a english first name and japanese last name or go to If you have a nickname or a title that everyone calls you, the put that after your true name)

Age: (Simple enough, if you have a character thats 1000 years old, PLEASE explain it in your history))

Rank: very low Rank shaman, low Rank Shaman, Necromancer, Seirei-class Shaman

Alignment: (Your character have many sides to chose from, the basic is good and evil, some might be good with evil intentions but some are bad but good in heart. You could also be a neutral character as well)

Appearance: (A description of yourself or a picture. If you have a pic but he/she dont wear that type of clothing then describe what he/she wears).

Furyoku Level: ( nothing to high if your a cannons then your Furyoku Level will be ok but i will check up the Furyoku of your character so dont make it to high.)

History: (Please no one liners or a few sentences. Please put some thought into this. For very low Rank shaman just two to three paragraphs, for low Rank Shaman 7-8 paragraphs, for Necromancer 12-13 paragraphs. Seirei-class Shaman need atleast 15 paragrapghs. And remember!!! Each paragraph must have atleast 5 sentences. And each sentence must have atleast 5 words. Yes we want to know alot about your character. It helps the moderators and adminstrators to determine rank)

Weapons/items: (any weapon will work beside guns)

Goals: (Optional, this helps alot)






Furyoku Level:



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Character Tamplet
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